Services We Provide:

First we will meet with you in your home taking
the necessary time to get to know you and your
pets. Learn their routines and then tailor our
services to meet your needs.
At that time we will:
Get detailed information on caring for
your pets
Pick up a key to your home
Answer any questions you may have

While you are away on vacation or business
we will come into your home to give lots of
love and attention to your pets. We will keep
to the routine that they are used to and you
have decided we follow during our initial
meeting. Which may include walking, Frisbee
tossing, catnip time, brushing and cat box
Just to name a few of the things that we do.


This is perfect for the person who works long
hours or has a special event to go to. Morning,
midday or evening we will grab the leash and
head out for some exercise! Or if you choose
we will play in the yard.


Need to pick up or drop off at the vet or
groomer? We're here to help!


You may not need us to watch your pets but
we're here to bring in the newspaper and mail,
water plants, attend to garbage day, adjust
lights etc
Services:     HOMEWOOD FLOSSMOOR PET SITTERS    708-798-7750
While you are away
Homewood Flossmoor Pet Sitters will:
Give lots of love and attention
Feed and water
Give plenty of play and exercise
Administer medication and see to any
special needs